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Welcome to the second demo of Chronicles of Skeldergate!

Carriden's journey continues in Dragonvale, the second location in the game and as the name suggests there will be many dragons in every corner. New bosses, new characters and much more and that's just the beginning! There will be even more in this location once the full game is released.

I hope you enjoy this little demo as much as the first and don't forget to leave feedback and bug reports if you encounter any.
It is highly recommended you have played the first demo. Here is a direct link to the itch.io page where you can download and play the first demo for free:


The Story thus far:

Carriden has ventured to Lowtown, the capitol of Skeldergate to retrieve some medicine for her mother, though upon her return to her home island of Decraya she has uncovered that dark things have transpired.
Her mother has been kidnapped, her father is nowhere to be seen and the grizzly sight suggests that none of the servants are alive. Gathering all her courage she traveled far and wide, completed quests and gathered much experience in the arts of fighting demons and their ilk and saved Lowtown from the demon onslaught with the help of a blasphemous Priest.
Together they headed to Dragonvale in search for answers and this is where the story continues in this demo.

Available demo locations:

- Knavesmire
- Wyrmcaverns
- Dragonmaw City
- Raeverford Mines (only during the quest)
- Adventurer's End
- Forest Maze
- Dragonmarsh

Install instructions

Just download the file and open the .exe. It'll install all the necessary files into a folder in the designated area on your hard drive.

Then enjoy :)


demo2.exe 318 MB

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