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Update Notes full demo 0.1:

-New Areas

1.Lowtown demon invasion

2.Lowtown Plaza

3.Lowtown Magic quarter

4. Falcon's Range Cave

-New quests and events

-Graphical adjustments

-Updated game credits

-Bug and spelling fixes


Update Notes 0.0.3:

-New areas:

1.Gregory and Son Mill

2.Merek's Hut

3.Secret area (hint: Somewhere on Decraya)

-Graphical adjustments

-Updated game credits

-Bug and spelling fixes


Update Notes 0.0.2:

-New town: Grendiff! which features two new quests, a new secret quest and a smidgen of in-game lore.

-Graphical adjustments

-Bug and Spelling fixes

-New game credits

In Chronicles of Skeldergate, you play as the protagonist Carriden who is on a mission to bring her mother some medicine from a near by city, but when she returns home a dark tale begins to unfold.
Solve puzzles, defeat bosses and make new friends in this exciting new RPG game where choices do matter and making the wrong ones can lead to undesired consequences.


Has replay value since some decisions can lead to different outcomes. In the case of you wanting to discover all the little quirks and secrets, saving in every new area or after/before decisions is advised.


Movement: Arrow Keys
Interact: Enter
Menu: Escape

-Funny one-liners and dialogue
-A captivating story
-Unique characters


Please keep in mind that this is an alpha version which acts as a demo. All proceedings at this point may or may not be featured in the full game,

I am always up for suggestions and if you find any errors such as invisible walls without a text prompt (the two stopping you from entering new areas on the first map are on purpose), text errors or graphics you feel are missing or shouldn't be there before/after an event, please let me know so I can fix the issue.

Please do enjoy this little preview and if you like it enough, please do consider supporting me on Patreon.

Sincerest thanks


Install instructions

Use WinRar to extract the gamefolder anywhere on your PC.

Open the folder and open the .exe file.

Have fun :)


Chronicles of Skeldergate (demo).rar 181 MB

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